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Art Treasure Gallery Welcomes Collectors around the World!

The Art Treasures Gallery was established in 1988 in the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu.  We are artists and jewelry designers. As fine art and antique collectors, we love beautiful things!  We travel and collect beautiful trade beads and rare antiques from around the world. This makes our jewelry design exclusive and beautiful. Our gallery is sometimes referred to as a “mini museum” in Hawaii.  The Art Treasures Gallery has customers around the whole world, many of which are well know celebrities.  We can sell and ship our items securely around the whole world.  Or come visit our gallery in person!


Please take some time to view some of our rare objects in our GALLERY PHOTOS,  Or view them by specific category below.


Gallery Photo Categories

Above Video: Phoung, Owner of the Art Treasures Gallery shares some tips on how to find the best Jade treasures.


The “Incomplete Circle”

The Incomplete Circle: An Exclusive Designed by The Art Treasures Gallery

—”Everyone’s wish is to be complete; yet I wish for myself that this is the only one missing link in my life, and I will continue to move forward until one day I am complete.”