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Do you Know ?

  1. The Art Treasures Gallery was established in 1988 here in the Chinatown of Honolulu, Hawaii, “The Art District”.
  2. We are artists and jewelry designers.
  3. As fine art and antique collectors, we love beautiful things!
  4. We travel and collect beautiful trade beads from around the world.
  5. This makes our jewelry design exclusive and beautiful.
  6. As the smallest gallery, sometimes we are referred to as the “finest miniature museum” in the heart of Chinatown.

The Art Treasures Gallery is a very unique  gallery of rare antiques and collectables right in the heart of the Art District Chinatown. Please come visit!

* You are welcome and invited to experience our exhibit. 

Recent Treasure Gallery Photos

We have world class artifacts.  We recently photographed some of our super rare items including various face beads from around the world and a few highly items of spiritual art.  Please take the time to look through our GALLERY PHOTOS, or see a few of our recently added photos below.